Price increase for selected Gardenia products beginning Dec 1

The prices of a few Gardenia seasoned breads will be increased somewhere in the range of five and 20 sen beginning today (Dec 1). 

Price increase for selected Gardenia products beginning Dec 1

Some of Gardenia products will increase. --image via Gardenia 

Gardenia Bakeries Sdn Bhd (GBKL) in a proclamation today said the increase was because of rising prices of raw materials such as vegetable fat, cocoa powder and milk as well as packaging cost. 

Gardenia New Price
Gardenia Roti new pricing --image via gardenia

"Already, GBKL figured out how to assimilate these costs yet now we have no other option except for to reconsider the prices of selected Gardenia products," it said. 

The selected products incorporate Gardenia Squiggles - Funky Strawberry and Choco Malto; Delicia Soft Roll - Butter Toffee; Delicia Sambal Bilis; Fluffy Bun Red Bean; Toast'em Butter Raisin; Delicia Butterscotch, Choco Raisin and Raspberry Milk and Cranberries. 

It said the prices for other Gardenia products would stay unaltered as GBKL would keep on engrossing the extra costs. 

GBKL said that the organization has been encountering a huge increase in assembling and raw material costs for the past couple of years which was outside its ability to control. 

"Increasing the prices is the last hotel after the sum total of what measures have been taken and our concentrate currently is to improve profitability and proficiency in our industrial facilities," it said. --Bernama

12/01/2020 01:32:00 PTG



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