Vault Micro's CameraFi Live new updates beneficial to internet business retailers

As write by Bernama, Vault Micro, the engineer of live streaming application CameraFi Live, reported the application has released updates offering live shopping impacts straightforwardly beneficial to internet business retailers. 

Vault Micro's CameraFi Live new updates beneficial to internet business retailers

The Vault Micro's CameraFi Live new updates beneficial to internet business retailers. --image via Business Wire

The update allows users to add product information such as item name, images, pricing and discounts, and other relevant details in real-time during their broadcast. 

Because of restricted up close and personal interactions brought about by COVID-19, the pandemic continues to drive a flood in online shopping consequently influencing colossal online web based business retailers like Amazon to dispatch live-streaming shopping. 

Live-Streaming E-Commerce or Live Commerce is the most recent pattern offering a further developed and interactive method of online selling. By doing a live broadcast, vendors can all the more likely emphasize the selling points of their items and customers can impart their inquiries and inputs in real-time. 

In line with the pattern, CameraFi Live, a live streaming application for Android users, offers an easy and better approach to sell products by means of live streaming by creating top notch, real-time broadcast on different web-based media stages such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. 

Probably the best preferred position of live streaming is that with simply a cell phone, you can start creating a live broadcast without additional expenses. 

In a statement, Vault Micro Chief Executive Officer, Seongil Kim stated: "I trust anybody can get an occasion to easily start online selling during this time when COVID-19 has frozen the global economy." 

12/01/2020 08:33:00 PTG



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